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Dustless Hardwood Floor Refinishing
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Proudly serving Central and Northern New Jersey for 15 years!

Wood Floor Refinishing FAQs

While nothing in the world of sanding is 100% dust free... doing great work and containing the dust is a high priority.  We contain 99% of the dust!
Is the work REALLY completed in 1-2 days?
Yes it is... REALLY. On average we can complete 800 sf a day from start to finish. Sand, Seal and 2-3 coats of polyurethane.
Is it necessary to hire a professional?
Sanding and refinishing wood floors is a specialized trade. The sanding equipment used is powerful and designed to produce professional results quickly. Our machines are not rented from Home Depot nor would expect those machines to compare. It takes years to develop the skills to not only use these machines properly, but also develop the ability to recognize what a good job looks like. This is what we do day in and day out.
How do you know if the floor should be sanded?
Most floors we encounter need to be sanded to look their best. A floor should be sanded if: there are gouges, dents, impressions in the wood, sun fading, large areas of finish are missing, dirt has penetrated into the wood or a color change is requested.
Are we fully licensed and insured? Yes.
Do we need to leave the house for Premier to perform the work? 99% of the time our clients do not need to leave the house. Much will depend on how much floor space is being refinished and in which parts of the house. The only time a floor is off limits to foot traffic is when a stain is drying (typically 1-2 hours) or when the topcoats are drying (typically 1-2 hours).
Oil based vs Water based polyurethane?
With today's technology there are many more advantages to using a high quality water based finish instead of oil based. Due to changes in environmental laws all companies that manufacture polyurethanes need to change their formulas to conform. Therefore, the very durable oil based finishes that were produced many years ago are not the same any more. All of the R&D has been and will continue to go into water based polyurethanes. High quality water based polyurethanes offer durability that is equal to or superior to oil based, dry faster, have very little odor, do not amber over time and are safer for the environment. On the other hand, oil based finishes take much longer to dry and create more downtime, have very strong odors that force customers to leave the house, take on an amber hue over time. All of our water based finishes are of high quality and made by the leading companies in the business such as Bona and Basic Coatings. We still use oil modified stains which provide a deeper, richer color to the floor vs their water based counterparts.
Does the furniture need to be removed from the floor and for how long?
Yes, and it needs to stay off for only 2 days from the time the finish is applied. We can assist with furniture, extra charges apply for furniture moving.