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Dustless Hardwood Floor Refinishing
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Proudly serving Central and Northern New Jersey for 15 years!

Wood Floor Installations

Hardwood floors add beauty, character and value to a home.  Premier Wood Renewal 
offers professional installation options for many different types of hardwood and 
laminate flooring to meet almost any budget from manufacturers like Somerset, Shaw, 
Mirage, Bruce and more.  We can also install wood flooring that you might have 
purchased from another source.

Our professional wood floor installation services ensures that the job will be done 
properly and according to manufacturers specifications.  We handle all the details. 
Satisfaction is guaranteed.

Premier Wood Renewal offers installation of the following types of wood and laminate 
flooring :
Pre finished solid hardwood floors: Pre finished solid hardwood means that the 
wood flooring is stained and finished in a factory. It is real wood and is available in 
many, many different types of species including oak, maple, pine, Brazilian cherry and 
bamboo just to name a few.  The advantage of pre finished solid hardwood is that it is 
installed and immediately ready to go, no finishing work required.  Pre finished solid hardwood can be nailed or glued down.  
Solid pre finished hardwood flooring can be sanded multiple times.

Unfinished solid hardwood floors: Unfinished solid hardwood means that the wood 
flooring is raw and unfinished.  After installation the wood requires sanding and 
finishing.  Unfinished solid hardwood is a popular choice in homes.  It allows for a closer 
match to older, existing hardwood floors in a home.  It also doesn't have bevels on the edges 
of the boards, like a pre finished wood floor has, that tend to collect dirt and moisture 
over time. When finished, the entire surface of the wood floor is coated with polyurethane to 
protect the wood.  Solid hardwood isnailed or glued down.

Solid hardwood can be sanded multiple times.

Pre finished engineered hardwood floors:  An engineered wood floor is one that is 
not solid from top to bottom.  There is typically a thin layer of natural hardwood that is 
bonded to a plywood type foundation.  This type of wood flooring is typically less 
expensive than solid hardwood while providing the look of natural hardwood.
An advantage of engineered wood flooring is that is able to be installed directly over 
concrete or plywood sub flooring, however it can usually only be sanded 1 time in its 
Laminate flooring:  Laminate flooring is an artificial type flooring with several design 
options that provide the look of wood, tile and stone.  A popular brand is Pergo, 
however there are several brands to choose from within a reasonable price range.  This 
typer of flooring is typically floated over a sub floor or just about any type of existing 
floor.  No glue or nailing required.
Laminate flooring can't be sanded or recoated.