This is a professional cleaning process that can't be done with off the shelf
products. Traditional hardwood cleaning methods used by homeowners merely
push the dirt around, often redistributing the dirt and residue into the fine
crevices and micro-bevels in the floor.  Using state of the art equipment and
specially formulated cleaning solutions, we can perform a deep-down cleaning
on your hardwood floors, dramatically improving their appearance.
Let Premier Wood Renewal be your number one choice for refinishing hardwood floors in NJ.  

Premier Wood Renewal
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If your hardwood floors are suffering from the effects of everyday living then
our professional cleaning may be the answer to restore its life.  Dirt, grime and
residue accumulate on the surface of the wood and make it dull.  Unfortunately
just about all products designed to clean or restore a wood floor do more harm
than good and a professional cleaning is necessary for the floors to look their
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How it works

  • Thorough inspection of your floor to look for potential trouble areas.  
    Discuss options with customer.

  • Vacuum floor to remove dust and large loose particles.

  • Deep clean floor using specialized equipment & cleaning solutions.  
    Our powerful equipment loosens embedded dirt and residue trapped
    withing the finish of your floor.  We hand clean the edges and difficult
    to reach places.

  • The floor is then rinsed, to remove any existing residue, and thoroughly
*Results may vary depending on floor maintenance and current condition of floor.  
Cleaning/coating the floor will not remove or reduces the appearance of previous scratches,
wear or other damage. If any of these conditions exist on the floor then visit our sandless
recoat page for a possible solution to improve the appearance of your floor.
sandless recoat
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